Commuter hell.

A commuter should wake up at around 4am just to conquer this.
(Pic taken from Manila Bulletin website)

There should be a better way to go around Metro Manila. We all know this, and yet, hearing the stuff about SM vs LRT vs Ayala shiz in the news, will THERE be any better way to commute? If the government doesn’t have enough funds for more trains or additional railway systems, and if the private companies are showing their greedy business side this soon, then we are all doomed.


Anyway. I’m open with the idea of bikes. I have nothing against them (but maybe they need a primer on public road safety first. Remember, helmets!), but what about for people who work and live far away from each other? Bikes are nice for short to medium distances, in my opinion. Unless they’re training for Tour de France, then that’s going to be tiresome especially during this rainy season.

So I was commuting the LRT1 Train this morning from Roosevelt Station, and I was thinking maybe if there were more trains like this that goes the same route at the same time?


Imagine, multiple railroads that can cater to the commuter volume. Of course, additional trains are helpful, but a multiple railroad system could actually help improve commuting time by offering more options. One train could do an express train thing by going straight from one end to another. The other train can go to all stops. Another train can stop at every other station.

Of course, given it’s Philippines and…well, let’s say that it would depend on factors: political will, budget, urban planning, and maybe some factors I haven’t considered yet.

I got to the train station at 8am. I got on the train at around 8:30. My log in time in the office is 9:07. Sigh.


Hiatus broken.

I’ve noticed that I only write when I’m living on my own. Ever since my stint in ASTI, I went back home, because it’s pointless to keep a place when travelling from home to my new job is much more convenient. So I stayed. After that office work gig in Ortigas, I went into the Work at Home bit. It was an experience, to say the least, and it’s my first taste of an actual freelancing. 

So back on blogging. I am now working in Manila as an Instructional Designer and I live in a dorm near where I work. It was the first time I am renting in a dorm room with three other strangers, and not with my sister. It was exciting,

The place I’m renting is a bit steep for my budget, but still I am new in this work and my probation period is not yet over, I’ll stay here until something solid comes (like regularization). I’m thinking of moving to another dorm, but so far, despite the high rent pay, it’s one of the solid and nicest places I’ve rented. It has airconditioning, a gym (which I haven’t used since I stayed there), wifi, a generator, and other bunch of neat stuff.

My new place is not as cramped as this one, thank god!


Like some advertising stint, it has its downsides. Too much use of aircondition is bad for your bill, the wifi only works in the lobby, and the gym and small and dark and I really found no use for it. The upside is that it has an elevator (which can be bad), and the generator.

The Philippines is notorious for storms. The latest one that went through Manila, it cut through power lines. The generator proved to be a very convenient feature because it allowed me to charge my phones and be able to sleep comfortably at night. 

But as I said, nothing is set in stone. I’d rather just stay in one place, but depends if I get regularized and if my salary doesn’t go up, I may have to find a new place to stay.

Well that’s it for now. I do miss my cats though haha~


Avalon.ph’s Warehouse Sale

Avalon.ph is an online store that sells second-hand and/or discounted books. What’s different about this store is that their selection: novels, self-help books, comics, even board games and postcards that are varied and commercially popular. They also sell discounted Moleskines and Field Notes.

Today was their warehouse sale. He put up the invite over his Facebook page. I think Jasper Ong, Avalon’s proprietor, needed to see the floor of his house again.

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